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I have never tried anything like this before, and to be honest was a little skeptical about it. However I have tried it 5 times and it is simply amazing! My energy level is way up, my old sport injuries are getting much better, and you just feel awesome afterwards. We only get one body and we have to take care of it as best we can. this is so worth your time and finances to try. Whether you are injured or not, it is just great to do. It doesn’t take very long, and the cold is very doable because it goes so fast. You’ve gotta try it, I’m a big time believer!

Justin Graves

After researching cryotherapy, I decided to try it. Before I did my first session, my shoulder was killing me and I could barely walk due to pain in my tailbone and hips. I am a usually very active, but I was even considering using a walker to help me get around. I am about to go on a trip with my family, so I really needed this to work. The staff explained to me that I would need multiple treatments to really get the benefit, so I bought a package. After my first cryo session, I felt amazing. I got home later that night and my areas of pain really started throbbing. I wondered if this was really gonna work, but I remembered that they said this is normal and part of the healing process. I continued to go back every day and after the third session, my shoulder pain was gone! My hips and tailbone feel so much better too! I am able to walk normally and even squat down, which was impossible for the last two weeks! Now I can’t wait to go on my trip with my family! I told my Chiropractor that he should refer his patients here and I’m telling all my friends to go to the Cryo Spa!

Dave Yonce

The CryoMedSpa dramatically improves both my physical and mental well-being. Physically, using the CryoSpa after my workouts lessons and eliminates muscle soreness and fatigue and thus allows me to increase my workout intensity. It help keep my energy levels and metabolism high and consistent. It has improved my skin tone evened out my skin elasticity and reduced cellulite in those annoying problem areas we women deal with. Mentally, the CryoSpa helps my mood, anxiety issues and sleep problems. As a former eating disorder and depression patient, my endorphins and feel good hormones have been evened out and the CryoSpa has eliminated the cycle of highs and lows I’ve experienced for years. Bottom line, when I Cryo, I just feel better all day!

Karie Kluesner

CryoSpa has been a life changer for me. A friend of mine convinced me to try it after the Tulsa Run. I thought it sounded CRAZY! When I stepped out of the machine, I was AMAZED at how much better my sore muscles felt. I signed up for an unlimited package before I left the building. Even though CryoSpa has been instrumental in keeping my muscles feeling fresh after long runs or hard workouts, a more important reason has kept me there. Last year at this time, I was suffering with a lot of stomach pain, it had gotten to the point that I eliminated all dairy, gluten, sugar and wheat–basically eating very little. Every time I ate, I got sick. I went to a nutritionist, did several cleanses, and was very close to gallbladder surgery. However, about six months into using the CryoSpa, I noticed that my stomach pain had stopped. It has now been a year and still no problems. I now can eat whatever I want without pain. I feel like CryoSpa is the only thing I had started doing differently. It gets rid of any inflammation in your body and that includes your gut. I cannot recommend CryoMedSpa enough, to anyone. The health benefits are amazing and I have seen them first hand.

Melissa Sutterfield

Reasons for going to CryoMedSpa is threefold:
1) Reduction in inflammation; Feet, knees, shoulders
2) Pain management to allow workouts
3) Sleep

Brian Majeska

Adding Cryotherapy to my normal routine has resulted in me losing 7lbs. Just and added bonus to an increase in energy and it keeps me feeling great!


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