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icon-chuck-zoellnerDr. Chuck ZoellnerCEO
Chera Kimiko, Owner and Spokesperson

For Chuck and Chera, exercise has always been a part of their lives. The husband and wife team are avid marathon runners and Boston Qualifiers, and Chuck also races in triathlons, so it only made sense to make the “recovery” process just as important as the fitness aspect.

Because of their passion to provide the best services for the people and athletes of Tulsa, the husband and wife decided to open up the CryoMed Clinic with Whole Body Cryo Chambers.
The facility, which is connected to Zoellner Chiropractic, and is owned and operated by Dr. Chuck Zoellner.
As many athletes know, Cryotherapy is a time tested way to improve athletic performance and recovery and many area athletes, from runners to ballerinas, to crossfitters and MMA fighters, have tested out the Cryo Chamber with amazing results.
The CryoMed Clinic is also home to some rehab space, and NormaTec, which is compression therapy. However, couple wanted the ability to provide more services for patrons, so they brought on Nurse Practitioner Dr. Erin Lucie, and a cosmetic surgeon, to help them fulfill this vision.

In 2016, Chuck and Chera expanded the CryoMed Clinic to include aesthetics and weight loss.
Chera, having a decades long TV News career, knew how important it was for women and men to look and feel their best. Chera wanted an “all in one” clinic; A place that offered almost everything she used when in TV, but had to go to several different places around town to get it done. That included, Botox, Bio-identical Hormones (low testosterone) weight loss, and CoolSculpting just to name a few.

The family environment Chuck and Chera created is one of a kind.
“Everybody should be able to live the life they want; Healthy, happy, injury free, looking their best and energized. That’s what we aim to do at CryoMed Clinic! It’s all about making the community better, in any way that can be accomplished.” Chera said.

icon-felice-baldwinFelice Baldwin

Felice Baldwin has been in the medical industry for 30 years. Originally from California, Felice became an official Okie when she married her late husband, Dr. Guy Baldwin. As the owner, she managed their family practice/AME office for over 20 years. During that time, she was very active in the airshow industry with highlights being Director of Wings Over Oklahoma Airshow, Manager of “Doc” Baldwin’s airshow performing career and bringing community awareness of aviation and the history of flight by hosting legend aviators in Tulsa for public forums.

Felice later went on to manage a medical aesthetics and cosmetic surgery center for several years before joining Zoellner Chiropractic in 2011 as a clinical assistant. Felice still works with Zoellner Chiropractic but is also the Practice Coordinator for CryoMedClinic which is right next door.
She has a passion for health and wellness and when asked what her favorite part of our clinic is, her response is “There is nothing that warms my heart more than to see the smiles on our patient’s faces when they are excited about the improvements they see in their body. Their rejuvenated confidence is contagious!”

Abigayle Knight

Abigayle Knight has been with CryoMedClinic since 2014. While working full time she is also working on her undergraduate degree in Business Pre-law.
Abigayle has a passion for people and works hard at knowing and understanding each persons needs and desires when discussing aesthetics or athletics.

Recently, Abigayle has developed a love for yoga and weights, she also enjoys helping people develop their own exercise routines—be it at the CryoMedClinic or in her private life.
With an undergraduate degree in music, its easy to see why Abigayle has such joy in her heart. In her spare time you can find her cooking in the kitchen, long boarding along Riverside, volunteering at the Church at Battle Creek or hanging out with friends at local coffee shops. She thoroughly enjoys making people laugh and getting to know the clients at the CryoMedClinic.

icon-cindy-morrisonCindy Morrison, Marketing and Spokesperson


Emmy-winning TV journalist Cindy Morrison teaches everyone from Reality TV Stars to Country Music Stars and Corporate CEOs to National Franchises how to strategically use social media to build brand loyalty, raving fans and their bottom line. Cindy has worked on social media campaigns for Vanity Fair, Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood while her social media savvy has been highlighted nationally on FOX News, ABCNews.com, CBS’s “The Talk”, The Washington Post, The New York Post & The Huffington Post. Good Morning America’s Tory Johnson calls Cindy her favorite Social Media Strategist and they spent two years together on the National Spark and Hustle Tour to help women entrepreneurs across the country make more money.

Prior to running her own social media and inbound marketing company, Cindy spent 20 years in TV News as mainline anchor and investigative reporter. She’s won an Emmy, Peabody and Gracie Allen awards during her career which spanned many national stories including the 1993 Waco Cult Standoff and the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.

Within a year of leaving TV, Cindy wrote a book called “Girlfriends 2.0” which sold more copies in the first month than 97% of first time authors ever sell. The book got rave national reviews including being a giveaway to audience members of CBS’s “The Talk”. ABC News.com called it a “must read”.

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